Flexible Graphite

Grafoil® flexible Graphite is one of our primary products. We have been providing die formed parts, and cut gaskets from Grafoil® since 1994.


Flexible Graphite

custom graphite parts

GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite Seals & Gaskets

GRAFOIL flexible graphite is the industry standard for high temperature sealing and chemical applications. Specify the best, specify Grafoil.


Flexible graphite die formed rings are manufactured using Ribbon Pack®. Typically
used for Valves in the field. Ribbon pack allows maintenance personel to make a ring in a valve using the valves stuffing box and gland follower as a die. Premade die formed packing sets are always prefered as is GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite is as a material. . Used in Refineries, Power Plants, Co-Generation Facilities or anyone dealing with high temp seals. We can deliver it to you in any dimension you choose


Flexible graphite sheet, due to it’s compressibility gaskets made from it seal better than any other material.  To make it easier to handle we offer it with a 316 S.S. foil insert, a 316SS tanged insert, or for easier cutting – no insert at all. Available in a range of grades from automotive &Industrial to Nuclear. For the best quality specify Grafoil ®

valve set

Die formed sets for valves in applications that require the lowest of leak rates. Now a standard in the valve industry because of it’s effectiveness, Carbon yarn end rings with die formed flexible graphite Grafoil ® center rings. We also offfer cup and cone designs and Inconel wire reinforced end rings for higher pressure service. Braided Flexible Graphite   Temp: 1200 F Steam,  0-14 pH


Flexible Graphite can be braided and combined with a fiberglass filiment for tensil strength. We offer:
1)Flexible graphite packing with no wire (for pump and low pressure valve service).
2)Flexible graphite packing with a small % of inconel wire.
3) Flexible graphite packing with each yarn wrapped with an Inconel Jacket for higher pressure service.
4) Flexible Graphite with Carbon Corners.
The use of flexible graphite packing eliminates the need for dies and die formed rings. Great for high temp or chemical applications (non-oxidizing) that can not leak. When you have to have to meet strict VOC requirments in your valves or to have a leak rate near that of a Mechanical
Seal in a pump Flexible Graphite is the packing material to use.

Mica Gasket Material

In many applications when oxygen is present and the temperature is over 850 F the ideal sealing material Grafoil® flexible graphite cannot be used. Flexible graphite or Flexible Graphite will coke at those elevated temperatures when oxygen present. An excellent alternative in many applications is Mica.  Some of the basics on Mica are shown below.  As a gasket material Mica can be very effective in sealing those high temp critical applications with out failing due to the presence of oxygen.  For more information on Mica click here

Grafoil Die
Formed Sets

What is the difference between Grafoil and generic flexible graphite?

There are two significant differences that affect the quality of flexible graphite. The purity of the graphite, and the method used to expand the graphite powder into flexible graphite. Generally, there are two acids used to cause the reaction that makes graphite “pop” like popcorn into the expanded worms flexible graphite is made from. Sulfuric and Nucleic acid do the job, but there is a difference. Sulfuric acid leaves over 400 ppm of sulfur in the material. Sulfur will cause pitting on 400-grade stainless steel damaging the surface you’re trying to seal. Sulfur is cheaper for the manufacturers to use, but due to the damage, they can cause, expensive for end-users to use.

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