CNC Machined PTFE

Standard Sizes Available We supply both molded and machined PTFE ® ( P.T.F.E.) parts. Custom sizes to match competitor styles are available. Please specify I.D. / O.D. and stack height desired when ordering


Machined Parts

Machined PTFE

Machined or molded PTFE parts

We produce v-packings and mechanical seal wedges for type 9 seals.  We also produce a wide range of custom-made PTFE machined or molded parts for many other applications. We can make parts made from samples or prints.

Machined PTFE Seals

Spring energized pressure seals are molded or machined into shape before a conical or finger spring (v-spring) is added.  The spring or “energizer” provides a pre-load for low-pressure applications and maintains the lip contact with the shaft and gland. This seal design can be used in low (including vacuum) and high pressure (up to 100,000 PSI) (if combined with the proper backup rings).


We Provide Virgin And Filled PTFE Rod, Tube And Bar Stock. Both In Molded And Extruded Versions.

At American Seal & Packing We Extrude A Large Range Of Standard Size PTFE Rod From 3/32″ Diameter To 5″ Diameter. We Also Have The Capability To Centerless Grind Intermediate Sizes Up To 2″ Diameter. Many Of Our Sizes Can Be Supplied In Virgin PTFE Or With Fills Of Glass, Bronze, Brass, Carbon, Graphite, Moly And A Large Range Of Colors.

Machining PTFE on a Lathe

What fillers can be used in PTFE?

PTFE is a great material, but all materials have their advantages and disadvantages.  PTFE has a few properties you have to be aware of. First off it is known to cold flow.  Cold flow means the material will actually move in service.  Another issue is PTFE will expand at 8 x the rate of metal when exposed to heat.  The result is when PTFE is used to seal a rotating shaft, that shaft can cause the PTFE to expand with nowhere to go, so it will actually cut into a shaft. To prevent both of these issues, PTFE can be filled with Fiberglass, carbon, graphite, bronze, silica, molybdenum disulfide, alumina, mica, and other materials.  The best material for the job depends on the application.

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