Extruded PTFE

Standard Sizes Available. Rod and Bar are available.  We produce both molded and machined PTFE ® ( P.T.F.E.) parts made from Rod and Bar stock. Custom sizes to match competitor styles are available. Please specify I.D. / O.D. and stack height desired when ordering



An extrusion is a manufacturing process in which a material (such as metal, plastic, or food) is forced through a die (a tool with a specific shape) to create a specific shape or cross-sectional profile. The material is typically heated and pushed through the die by a screw or ram. The resulting shape can be a rod, tube, or other shape depending on the die used. Extrusion is used in a wide range of industries, including plastics, metals, and food production.

PTFE is an acronym for Polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene. It is a highly non-reactive, heat-resistant, and chemically resistant plastic often used in a variety of industrial and consumer applications. Some common uses include non-stick cookware, Gore-Tex fabric, and electrical insulation. In this case, it is used to produce PTFE Rod or tube that can then be converted into PTFE parts including seals.


We Provide Virgin And Filled PTFE Rod, Tube And Bar Stock. Both In Molded And Extruded Versions.

At American Seal & Packing We Extrude A Large Range Of Standard Size PTFE Rod From 3/32″ Diameter To 5″ Diameter. We Also Have The Capability To Centerless Grind Intermediate Sizes Up To 2″ Diameter. Many Of Our Sizes Can Be Supplied In Virgin PTFE Or With Fills Of Glass, Bronze, Brass, Carbon, Graphite, Moly And A Large Range Of Colors.

Extruded PTFE

What is the difference PTFE tube and bar?

Both PTFE tube and bar are extruded.  The difference is many of the finished product made from them do not require solid PTFE.  If your able to reduce the amount of the PTFE required, you will also reduce the cost of your part.  The second issue is if you can use a bar stock that has the correct inside dimension you also have reduced the machine time required to produce your part.

Contact American Seal & Packing to find the perfect sized PTFE rod or bar for your needs.

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