Vulcanized O-Rings can splice any size ring from an assortment of materials. Actually there are two ways to turn o-ring cord into an o-ring.



Often we get a request for non-standard o-rings. Vulcanizing is often the solution. There are two ways to turn o-ring cord into an o-ring. With the right equipment, you can have a joint that is actually higher in tensile strength than the rest of the cord.

Two ways to turn o-ring cord into an o-ring. 

1) Cold Splice
2) Hot Vulcanizing

Cold splicing is generally done in the field and is best only for “static” seals. It works well especially well when done with our cyanoacrylate adhesive we call Turbofuse.

Vulcanizing is recommended for dynamic seals. Vulcanizing provides a stronger bond at the joint than anywhere else on the oring, making the vulcanization the point the last point to fail. 

vulcanized o-rings

Fabricating special size rings is one of our specialties at American Seal and Packing. With our large assortment of sizes and materials of cord stock and extrusions, we can fabricate virtually any size ring 2″ I.D. and larger. The latest in splicing equipment and factory-trained personnel assures the best spliced joint possible, plus fast service.

If your specialized ring has a round, square, or rectangular cross-section, give us a call. There is a good possibility that we’ll have the cord stock in inventory and can fabricate and ship your order immediately.

From Cord stock, we vulcanize o-rings from Buna-N (Nitrile), Viton, Neoprene, Aflas, EPDM, Rubber, and Silicone.

Hydraulic Seals

When should I use a vulcanized oring?

By volume, vulcanized o-rings are a very small portion of our business. However, they are a significant problem solution for the replacement of custom o-rings in older, or specialty equipment.  Some manufactures use custom sizing of seals as a way to maintain the seal replacement business.  Good for their business but difficult for equipment maintenance.  When ordering small volumes vulcanizing will save significant amounts of tooling costs required to make custom o-ring sizes.

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