Die Formed Packing

Die formed packings pre-cut and pre-densified, sized to your dimensions. This allows the sets to be installed faster and to seat better.

Die Forming


For the best performance from your packing of choice, having it die-formed binds the yarn together preventing leakage through the packing. Valves, pumps, and wellhead equipment with die-formed packing will allow less leakage and last longer. O.E.M customers can greatly save equipment assembly costs by using Die-formed packing rather than cutting their own packing rings.

Die Formed Packing Pre-Compression Of These Packing Ring Sets Also Allows Them To Distribute The Mechanical Pressure Evenly Along The Entire Sleeve, Which Ensures Longer Equipment Life And Reduces Costly Repairs And Replacement Of Pump Sleeves Or Shafts. Braided packing rings that has been precompressed through die forming “die formed”will generally last longer since the blocking agents are not as easily washed out.
Die Formed Carbon Yarn Packing

Standard Die formed packing styles:

  • PTFE
  • Aramid
  • Carbon Yarn
  • G.F.O.®
  • GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite
  • PTFE/Aramid
  • Non-asbestos


Standard Cross-Sections Available*

  • 1/4″
  • 5/16″
  • 3/8″
  • 7/16″
  • 1/2″
  • 9/16″
  • 5/8″
  • 3/4″
  • Other sizes available on request


There is no sealing device more expensive than a cheap one.

We are unique.  Most distributors are tied to one major line and promote only that line.  We offer multiple lines because no one sealing company is good at, or most cost effective in all the product segments they offer. Let us help you get the most for your money.

What is the difference between a pump and a valve packing?

Actually the answer depends on the application. Many packings are used in both pumps and valves. Common examples include PTFE, GFO, Flexible Graphite and Carbon Yarn packings. what makes a packing definitively a valve packing is the addition of wire. Wire allows a packing to hold higher pressure. If placed in a pump, the same wire will cause damage to the rotating shaft of a pump.

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