V Packing

Comes in many materials and designs. With only a military standard, industry has many variations available. From the choice of material to patented design variations.  There are many vee packing design solutions.

Vee Packing

V-Packing sets consist of male & female adaptors with V-shaped pressure rings inbetween.  Some equipment come with the male and female adaptors made of metal. The V-Pressure rings provide the sealing. The number of pressure rings determines the amount of pressure the set will contain.  We provide molded rubber or PTFE and machined PTFE sets.  Molded PTFE V rings are provided for large quantity orders (but require mold costs), while CNC produced sets elimate the need for a mold, but are more expensive to produce due the PTFE inside and outside dimension being cut away. Molded parts have no wasted PTFE. CNC parts are made from Bar stock or tube (to minimize waste).

We represent quality brands and our own value brand.  We offer our own brand of high volume V-packing.  These mostly go to OEM’s or the McMaster, Grainger or Fastenal’s of the world.

Our made in U.S.A quality brands include Utex Industries, Garlock, and CDI. The material of construction we offer includes the full range of elastomers and a good, better, best approach to the fabric reinforcement. From Cotton to Acrylic to Fiberglass to Kevlar we can recommend, and provide the best most durable materials for your application.

Set designs include:



Ballistic Nylon / Carboxilated or Hydrogenated Nitrile

Kevlar / Aflas

As the user or the repair shop looking for the best material for the job (so your don’t have to do it again), we always recommend upgrading to a better made seal. Why, because OEM’s will always supply the least expensive packing they can find. Usually the seals are designed for water or air applications.

Seals are the weakest link in any piece of equipment. If you want it to last, use the best material for your application. No More, No Less.

vee packing
Military Standard V
Critical Dimensions

If you have an existing V-Packing set you are trying to replace the critical dimensions we need are shown to the left. 

Because there are many versions of V-Packing, the working length cannot be determined by the number of V’s.  Utex for example, has 3 different V heights. CV, SF, and SSF. Cv is the thinnest and is the most common size.  Those dimensions are shown above.  They jive with the Military 6225 specification.

The SF and SSF dimensions are thicker and thickest versions.  The thicker the V the higher the pressure it can contain.

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We own and operate sealsales.com as our e-commerce ordering site.


We also offer V-Packing made from PTFE.  PTFE has several advantages over rubber seals. First they are made of PTFE which is a hard plastic (also known as Teflon if the Resin comes from Chemours). The result is a V-Packing set that will handle higher pressures than it’s rubber counterparts. PTFE is also naturally lubricious so the frictional characteristic is reduced. Finally PTFE holds up well to abrasives and will take longer to wear down than most rubber V’s. Kevlar based V’s not included.

Molded Packing

Plunger packing is a specialty. It’s one thing to replace V-packing that came off a common valve or hydraulic lift but finding solutions for difficult plunger pump applications is a different story.

Fracking and mud pump applications are two of the most difficult services in the oil patch. Typical V-Packing is not going to do the job for long, and you will soon have your pump apart on the bench again.

While the easy thing is to order what’s readily available, the few minutes required to get a application recommendation for your specific service can create months or years of trouble free service.

Give us a call and put our engineers to work for you!

Utex V-Packing


When V-Packing is not enough for your plunger pumps 838 is the industry standard

838 Super Gold

For problem applications 838 is not made using Kevlar for durability. This is the Fracking solution.

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