Sheet Gasket Materials

Comes in many forms, including rubber sheet, Viton, Silicone, Non-asbestos, Aflas, Hypalon, EPDM, Cork, Neoprene, Nitrile PTFE, Expanded PTFE, vegetable fiber, and others.

Sheet Gasket


Gasket material sheets come in many forms and for a wide range of applications. A job well done requires a material that is well made. Premature failure, weepage and cold flow will all result in cost no business needs. We provide the best in quality branded gasketing to keep your flanges sealed. FMI-SPA, Durlon, Latty, Grafoil, Lamons, Thermoseal, JM, among other brand Gasket Material are available.


AS&P SEAL has a full line of Non-Asbestos compressed sheet materials. Link to: Cross reference for competitive equals We offer both branded and unbranded sheet. Our e-commerce site allows you to buy your prefered brand on-line,


Ameri-lon ® / FMI-SPA A new family of
products using a new hybrid material, Ameri-lon® is produced for us by FMI-SPA of Italy using the Dupont HS10 process. Ameri-lon/FMI sheet gasket materials are designed for a wide range of demanding industrial requirements including gasket and bearing applications.  Ameri-lon is filled PTFE, uniquely combining the properties of PTFE with other materials.  Those materials enhance the physical properties of PTFE and results in a sheet gasket material with near uniform tensile strength. Many competing materials are skived causing a week tensile strength direction in a sheet gasket material. We consider skived materials a safety hazard.   Ameri-lon shows less cold flow and greater sealing ability than other filled PTFE  materials or Fluorocarbons.  It maintains the chemical attack resistance and the temperature range of PTFE.

valve set

GRAFOIL®FlexibleGraphite sheet Gasket Materialwith and without Stainless inserts including stainless foil, stainless tang and homogeneous flexible graphite sheets.

valve set
valve set

PTFE Sheet – Virgin, Mechanical and Expanded PTFE (EPTFE) The perfect material for Food (FDA) applications. Chemical Compatibility 0-14 PH Good for Temperatures to 450F

valve set

EPDM,  Buna-N and other “Black” sheets</b Red Rubber and  Silicone sheet materials


Mica High Tempeature sheet gasket material


Grafoil Die
Formed Sets

What is the difference between Grafoil and generic flexible graphite?

There are two significant factors that affect the quality of flexible graphite. The purity of the graphite, and the method used to expand the graphite powder into flexible graphite. Generally, there are two acids used to cause the reaction that makes graphite pop like popcorn into the expanded worms flexible graphite is made from. Nucleic and Sulfuric acid do the job, but there is a difference. Sulfuric acid leaves over 400 ppm of sulfur in the material. Sulfur will cause pitting on 400-grade stainless steel damaging the surface you’re trying to seal. Sulfur is cheaper for the manufacturers to use, but due to the surface, they can cause, expensive for end-users to use.

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