High Temperature GRAFOIL® Seals

Grafoil® flexible Graphite is one of our primary products. We have been providing die formed parts, and cut gaskets from Grafoil® since 1994.


Ribbon Pack®


Ribbon Pack® Is Slit From Grafoil Flexible Graphite Sheet. Once Slit, It Is Either Rolled As Is (Smooth) Or Has A Crinkel Added To It To Make It Easier To Wrap Around Smaller Shafts.Once Rolled, It Is Then Used To Make Die Formed Rings Either In Our Shop Or In The Field. Ideal For Making Your Own High Temperature Seals.


Flexible Graphite Sheet Seals With Less Compressive Load Than Most Other Gasket Material Sheets. The Result Is It Seals Faster And Better Than Other Sheet Gasket Materials. The Term Flexible Graphite Is A Bit Of A Misnomer. It Is Far More Flexible Than Graphite (A Rock) And Is An Excellent High Temperature Seal, But Does Not Have The Flexibility Of Rubber. To Improve Handleability Metal Foil, Tang Or A Plastic Insert Can Be Added To Prevent Cracking The Homogeneous Sheet. Available In A Range Of Grades From Automotive & Industrial To Nuclear.

valve set

In Many High Temperature Seal Applications When Oxygen Is Present And The Temperature Is Over 850 F The Ideal Sealing Material “GRAFOIL® ” Flexible Graphite Cannot Be Used. Flexible Graphite Will Coke At Those Elevated Temperatures When Oxygen Is Present. An Excellent Alternative In Many Applications Is Mica. Some Of The Basics On Mica Are Shown Below. As A Gasket Material Mica Can Be Very Effective In Sealing Those High Temp Critical Applications With Out Failing Due To The Presence Of Oxygen. For more information on Mica click here

valve set

Solving Industrial Valve Applications Has Been A Large Success Story For Flexible Graphite Die Formed Or Combination Sets. The EPA, Or State Air Quality Management Entity Has Required Valves To Meet Specific Volitial Organic Chemical (VOC) Leakage Rates. Flexible Graphite Sets Are A Part Of Every Set That Meets This Standard. We Offer A Variety Of Sets, And Designs To Meet These Tough Seal Requirments.

Flexible Graphite Packing   Temp: 1200 F Steam,  0-14 pH


Although Flexible Graphite Has Very Little Tensile Strength, It Is Possible To Pull Flexible Graphite Yarn Through A Braider If You Add A Fine Fiberglass Filiment Thorugh The Yarn. This Cleaver Modification To Flexible Graphite, Gave Us A Packing That Works So Well In Pumps That It Can Even Be Run Dry It Adjusted Slowly. Beacuse Is Has No Fillers Or Blocking Agents It Does Not Wash Out Like Most Packings. It Is Rated By Rockwell Valve To Last The Life Of The Valve For This Very Reason.

Grafoil Die
Formed Sets

What is the difference between Grafoil and generic flexible graphite?

There are two significant factors that affect the quality of flexible graphite. The purity of the graphite, and the method used to expand the graphite powder into flexible graphite. Generally, there are two acids used to cause the reaction that makes graphite pop like popcorn into the expanded worms flexible graphite is made from. Nucleic and Sulfuric acid do the job, but there is a difference. Sulfuric acid leaves over 400 ppm of sulfur in the material. Sulfur will cause pitting on 400-grade stainless steel damaging the surface you’re trying to seal. Sulfur is cheaper for the manufacturers to use, but due to the surface, they can cause, expensive for end-users to use.

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