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Non-Asbestos Gasket Material Cross Referance

American Seal and Packing delivers a full range of rotary mechanical seals configurations and component materials - to handle virtually and fluid moved by any equipment. When you Specify a ASP seal you can the advantage of the most advanced mechanical seal technology, and the latest in filed proven design.


Non-Asbestos Gasket Material Cross Referance


Non-Asbestos Gasket Material Cross Referance

ASP Style Number Garlock Style Klinger Style Anchor Style Manville TBA Durabla Mfrg.
GSG 2850 C-4400 443 978 AF2100 8500
GSG 2900 C-4401 443A      
GSG 3000 C-4201        
670 3100 C-6401 441 961   8600
670 3200 C-6400 442 940    
670 3400     970    
770 3100 C-6401 441 961   8600
  3200 C-6400 442 940    
  3400     970    
GSB 3000 C-4401 443A 978 AF2100  
990   C-4408 TWICOM II   AF2150  
Neo-300 3300 C-5401 437 976 AF2300  
BAF 9850 C-4500 490C      

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