Injectable Packing

If you’re tired of having to tear a pump down to repack it, injectable packing is your solution. While your pump is running you can connect the button fitting and inject more packing to stop the leak. Ideal for situations where downtime is a problem.


Pump & Valve Sealant

 Injectable Packing allows you to pack a pump (or Valve) while it in Service! If you have a pump that keeps slowing production because the pump leaks, you have to shut down the pump, remove the packing, install new braided packing and finally start up again. Stop the madness ! Injectable packing is a great solution that allows you to walk up to that leaking pump, connect your injection gun to a button fitting, pump in some injectable packing and walk away.

injectable packing style 20

Injectable Packing Style 20 – High Temp Packing

  • A blend of exfoliated graphite particles and high-temperature sacrificial lubricants in this injectable packing for extreme temperature service applications.

Available In:

  • 10-pack stick cartridges
  • 2.2 lb
  • 11 lb
  • 22 lb
Injectable packing style 25

Injectable Packing Style 25 – High Pressure Packing

  • A high-performance, chemically resistant product with bearing pellets in this injectable packing. Ideal for higher pressure the toughest applications.

Available In:

  • 2.2 lb
  • 11 lb
  • 22 lb
Injectable packing style 26

Injectable Packing Style 26 Food Service (FDA) Packing

  • A non-straining, non-toxic fiber blended with FDA-approved lubricants in this injectable packing for clean or food grade applications.

Available In:

  • 10-pack stick cartridges
  • 2.2 lb
  • 11 lb
  • 22 lb
Injectable packing style 27

Injectable Packing Style 27 – Abrasive Service / Wide PH

  • A blend of high-performance fibers and chemically resistant lubricants makes this injectable packing ideal in a wide range of applications including chemical, and waste water.

Available In:

  • 10-pack stick cartridges
  • 2.2 lb
  • 11 lb
  • 22 lb
Injectable packing style 29

Injectable Packing Style 29 – General Service

  • A blend of synthetic fibers and non-straining lubricants for general service & pulp and paper.

Available In:

  • 10-pack stick cartridges
  • 2.2 lb
  • 11 lb
  • 22 lb
Installing Injectable Packing

An Easy and Convenient Product to Use

Injectable packings are easy to install. The initial installation of injectable packing materials is done by hand.

Tightening the gland nut compresses the packing and forces it to conform to any irregular spaces caused by wear.

An anti-extrusion ring composed of suitably sized braided packing material is set at the top and bottom of the stuffing box or packing gland to prevent the injectable packing from being forced out when pressure is applied.

injectable packing 2
injectable packing 3
injectable packing 4

The injection gun utilizes a button-head or flow-through fitting permanently installed on the pump or valve stuffing box.

Since it requires no electricity, the injection gun can be used anywhere to replenish packing easily and conveniently. The all-steel hydraulic gun is completely portable and is very easy to use.

The valve or pump stuffing box fitting allows the injectable packing to be hand-injected into the shaft stuffing box using the injector gun. No downtime is required for the repacking operation since the equipment can continue to run during the repacking operation.

injectable packing 5
injectable packing 6
How To Use The Injection Gun To properly replenish the packing material, the stuffing box fitting must be located. Next, the injection gun is coupled to the fitting. When the gun is properly coupled to the fitting, the on-off handle on the fitting is turned to the open position and the new packng is pumped into the fitting until the required amount of injectable packing is injected. When the operation is complete, the fitting handle is placed in the off position and the gun is disconnected from the stuffing box fitting. Remember to properly disassemble and return your injection gun to its container where it may be stored until needed again. Note: Button-head fittings with check ball valve do not required ball valve for on-line repacking.
Button Fitting
Waste Water

Although it is possible to use injectable packing without using a gun to inject it, we only recommend it to test out injectable packing.  Being able to inject packing to stop leaks without having to shut down the pump and tear it down is the biggest advantage to injectable packing. Keep that pump running and don’t slow down production by using our injection gun.  Available in these three configurations. Most customers chose the one on the bottom right. BTW, injectable packing is also used in valves.

Injection Gun

Some customers prefer to use a seal cage with our injectable packings to keep the braided packing end rings in an upright position.

Our seal cages are used in industrial, pulp and paper, and municipal water treatment plants. Seal Cage kits are available to fit most shaft seal applications.

Pump and Valve Packings

What is going to last longer Injectable packing or compression packing?

If the right packing is selected both methods of filling a stuffing box should work equally as well when the same material is used.  For example, style #27 is made up of PTFE and Graphite.  Because the materials are very similar your performance should be similar to our Ameri-lon or GFO style packings.  If you have been using PTFE or Teflon packings #26 will give you equal performance. The same can be said with #20 and flexible graphite or Grafoil packings. #26 would be comparable to a PTFE coated non-asbestos packing.  As long as the packing is installed properly you should be a great shape.

The defining difference between the two methods of packing a stuffing box is when the leak begins (and eventually it always will), with a braided compression packing you will need to shut the pump down pull all the rings, install new packing, replace the gland and start the pump back up.  Injectable packing saves time, labor costs, the cost of a full set of packing and lost production.

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