Fiberglass Tapes

Don’t get burned by inferior materials.  We offer quality American made fiberglass and silica tapes (including dropwarp), tadpole and custom shapes.

Fiberglass Tapes

Seal Products

High quality fiberglass tapes manufactured to a variety of configurations to meet varied service conditions. Our fiberglass and silica tapes are resilient, non-absorbent gasketing tapes. Ideal for protecting people from contact with hot pipes, and to improve the efficiency.  

Drop Warp Tape

Bolt Hole Tape

Also called drop warp tape, our bolt hole tape with a special weave that allows you to slip bolts where you need them to hold the tape in place.

Fiberglass Tape


We offer multiple grades of fiberglass and silica to allow you to buy the quality tape you need, and not overpay. Tapes are available in various widths and thicknesses.

Fiberglass Rope


Our rope is available not only in different grades but also in different densities.  Some applications require a soft rope while others require a stronger one.

Manhole and Handhole Gaskets

We Custom our gaskets to a variety of configurations to meet a wide range of service conditions. Our manhole gaskets are resilient, non-absorbent gasketing tapes made of folded carded “Tacky Fiberglass”.

Designed for sealing boiler hand holes and manways against steam, gas, and water. They are also used on storage tanks, cookers, dryers, tank car domes, paper mill digesters, and many other applications.

We offer genuine BLUE-MAX® manhole and handhole gaskets, engineered to provide all the durability, resilience, and sealing properties you need.  BLUE-MAX® gasket are manufactured from a proprietary tacky cloth of glass, synthetic fibers, and brass wire, impregnated with a blue elastomer compound. The finished gasket is easily installed, delivers trouble free service, and does its part to reduce expensive boiler maintenance and downtime.

Fiberglass Manhole Gaskets

Tadpole Tapes / Bulb diameters from 3/8″ and up

c radial tail

Conventional - Radial tail

round no tail

Round - no tail

tangential tail

Tangential tail

double tail

Double tangential tail

Custom made shapes

AS&P also can provide custom-stitched shapes from Fiberglass or Silica materials. Sometimes a piece of equipment such as an actuator or valve needs to be protected from extreme heat.  We can sew fiberglass or silica into the shape of your specification.


Tadpole Tapes

What options are available in your fiberglass tapes?

The first decision is based on the temperature the textile will be exposed to.  Temperature determines is E-Fiberglass and high-grade silicone, Extruded Rubber, Amorphous silica or basalt should be used.  Secondly what thickness is required and is a reinforcement  needed. Tapes can be made of fiberglass, or silica, depending on the heat requirements. For added heat resistance coatings can be added including Vermiculite, PTFE, Graphite, and silicone.

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